Episode 72
EastEnders Screen Cap Episode 72Angie propositions Simon after being let down by Den.
BBC transmission date 24 October 1985
Executive Producer Julia Smith
Director Robert Gabriel
Writer Harry Duffin
Credits See List
Previous episode Episode 71 (22 October 1985)
Next episode Episode 73 (29 October 1985)


Den quickly passes the golf clubs he has bought for Jan to Pete to hide when Angie follows him out of The Vic. Den explains to Pete taht he has told her he is going to a Motor Fair and will experience 'engine trouble' on the way home. Kathy is approached by Nick for his first 'instalment' of his blackmail payout. She informs him that she doesn't yet have the money and Nick informs that he knows a couple of 'friendly' blokes who would be willing to take another form of Payment. Later when Kathy has taken enough money from the fruit and veg stall she pays Nick. However when in the Vic Pete notices that the takings are down, Kathy covers by claiming to have taken £20 to pay for material for baby Fowler's christening dress. When Nick offers to buy a round of drinks in Pete accepts and Kathy walks out. Debbie starts to measure Saeed's store and discuss changes she would make as part of a feasibility study. They discuss this further in the Café with Debbie suggesting that she would convert it into more of a convenience store selling sweets, booze and magazines as well as basic food items. Saeed convinces her to go to the bank in the morning to ask for a loan. However when Andy joins them he accuses Debbie of lacking business sense and Saeed of being opportunistic. Also on the Square Ali tries to persuade Tony into selling him his flat which he has finished renovating. Mary accompanies Sheena to a stripping gig, and realises how much money she could make. Michelle and Lou discuss names for baby Fowler with Lou wanting to go down the traditional route and call him Albert. Dot, Ethel and Lou get their witches costumes ready for the fireworks display. After seeking Debbie's advice on cooking meal for Den. She is looking forward to a romantic night in with Den. However, after finding the golf clubs gone and receiving a phone call off Den informing that he won't be back tonight she realises that he is with his other woman again. Later that night she almost assaults Simon who is moving into the Vic believing he is Den. Following the misunderstanding they share a night cap and retire to separate rooms but not before Angie informs Simon she will be leaving her door open if he changes his mind.