A new family arrive in Albert Square.
File:Easties 5 jul 1990.png
The Tavernier family. Dot Cotton watches as they park the removal van outside the house they have bought. The family consist of retired Jules Tavernier, his son Celestine Tavernier, who had come to inspect the house a few days earlier, and Celestine's wife Etta Tavernier, Celestine's sons Clyde Tavernier, Lloyd Tavernier and daughter Hattie Tavernier.


Prev Ep Episode 564 (3rd July 1990)

Next Ep Episode 566 (10th July 1990)


Final appearance of Charlie Cotton.

First appearances of Jules TavernierEtta Tavernier, Hattie Tavernier, Clyde Tavernier and Lloyd Tavernier.

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