A young man arrives in Albert Square who has his car p
Easties ep 526
arked outside The Queen Vic. He is talking to his brother on the phone. The man's name is Phil Mitchell who is visiting the pub because him and brother Grant Mitchell used to drink in the pub one time years before. Just a few yards away from Phil sat in his car, in the square gardens, old Harry Osbourne is being comforted by Rod Norman. Phil has just roared into the Square in his car which made Rod and Harry look up as the car screeched past them. Rod leaves Harry and Harry then dies peacefully on the bench alone.


Main cast

Guest cast

Written by Tony McHale

Executive producer Michael Ferguson

Directed by Phillip Draycott

Prev Ep Episode 525 (15th February 1990)

Next Ep Episode 527 (22nd February 1990)


First appearance of Phil Mitchell.

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