Episode 4900
Production Code b04d4nw9
BBC transmission date Monday 4th August 2014
Duration 30 Minutes
Executive Producer Dominic Treadwell-Collins
Director Audrey Cooke
Writer Richard Lazarus
Credits See List
Previous episode 31st July 2014
Next episode 5th August 2014
Alfie comes up with a scheme but his day doesn't go as planned and he receives some surprise visitors.

The police have a request for Ian, but will he agree to go ahead with it? Walford marks the World War One centenary.


Kat thinks that her babies are on the way, so cunning Alfie rushes her off to a children's shop, hoping that they will give her free gifts if her waters break there! However, it turns out to be a false alarm.

Later, when Alfie returns to work, he is shocked to find that his pitch has been given away. Ruthless Aleks refuses to give it back until a sympathetic Roxy intervenes. As the day continues, Aleks learns that Alfie went to his boss over the dispute. Aleks goes to the Moons' house and calls a truce with Alfie, but it's all a front as he is secretly planning to take revenge.

Soon afterwards, the day of surprises continues as Alfie finds Jean and Lily at the door…

Meanwhile, the police ask Ian to front a television appeal for new information regarding Lucy's murder, as the investigation has stalled. Ian agrees, but deep down he's not sure whether it's the right thing to do. His day improves when Liam helps out at the café while it is busy, but things take a turn for the worse again when Rainie arrives looking for more money.

Elsewhere, as Dot marks the centenary of World War I, Whitney is proud as Lee lowers the flag in his full army uniform. She then plucks up the courage to tell Bianca that she is seeing Lee.

Also today, Mick hides his nerves from his family as he prepares for the swimming gala.


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