Episode 4897
Production Code b04ckgf3
BBC transmission date Monday 28th July 2014
Duration 30 Minutes
Executive Producer Dominic Treadwell-Collins
Director Audrey Cooke
Writer Pete Lawson
Credits See List
Previous episode 25th July 2014
Next episode 29th July 2014
Mick attempts to fix things for his family, but are they being as loyal to him? Carol's day takes an unexpected turn when she makes a surprising discovery about Charlie. Dean offers a helping hand, but what are his true intentions?

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Tensions are running high at The Vic following the Carters' discovery about Tina's actions. As the family try to get answers out of Tina, Mick gets suspicious about the source being close to home. When Aunt Babe arrives at the pub, she realises that the family are on to her. Mick and Shirley are then forced to visit the Butcher family in the hope of persuading Carol to keep quiet and not go to the police.

Later, when the Carters see the police visiting the Butcher house, Mick and Dean head straight to Aunt Babe's home to destroy the evidence. Mick, Dean and Aunt Babe move the cannabis into the car, leaving Dean with the responsibility of disposing of it. However, Dean and Aunt Babe have made a secret plan of their own - involving Dean stashing the drugs at Blades…

Meanwhile, Carol is bracing herself for her operation, but has lots of other worries on her mind due to the police scrutiny surrounding her family. She calls on Charlie for some advice from a policeman's perspective, but things take an unexpected turn when she makes a surprising discovery about Charlie…

Elsewhere, Dot starts planning the World War I centenary ceremony.

Also today, Lee comes up with a plan to woo Whitney after Bianca stops him from seeing her.

Finally, Sharon fires Roxy and goes back to work despite Phil's concerns.


Carol Jackson Lindsey Coulson
Charlie Cotton Declan Bennett
Dot Branning June Brown
Sharon Rickman Letitia Dean
Phil Mitchell Steve McFadden
Roxy Mitchell Rita Simons
Fiona 'Tosh' Mackintosh Rebecca Scroggs
Tina Carter Luisa Bradshaw-White
Shirley Carter Linda Henry
Dean Wicks Matt Di Angelo
Lee Carter Danny-Boy Hatchard
Johnny Carter Sam Strike
Nancy Carter Maddy Hill
Linda Carter Kellie Bright
Mick Carter Danny Dyer
Babe Smith Annette Badland
Sonia Fowler Natalie Cassidy
Bianca Butcher Patsy Palmer
Whitney Dean Shona McGarty
Liam Butcher James Forde
Tiffany Butcher Maisie Smith
PC Evans Adam McNamara
Marcus Christie Stephen Churchett


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