Episode 4895
Production Code b04brqxk
BBC transmission date Thursday 24th July 2014
Duration 30 Minutes
Executive Producer Dominic Treadwell-Collins
Director Claire Winyard
Writer Laura Poliakoff
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Previous episode 22nd July 2014
Next episode 25th July 2014
Sharon decides to regain control of her life, which leads her to make a shocking discovery. The Butchers' day takes an unexpected turn when Liam's actions land them in hot water. Ian takes necessary measures to protect himself.

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Linda tries to persuade Sharon to get rid of the gun, but she explains that she is scared of being attacked again and kept hold of the weapon for safety after finding it in the house. In the end, Linda's words hit home and Sharon realises that she can't keep a gun under the same roof as Denny. She finally plucks up the courage to leave the house for the first time since the attack, wanting to dispose of the gun.

At the same time, Shirley is busy informing Phil that Sharon is lying about taking her medication. Shirley continues to insist that Sharon's problems are all Phil's fault. The former couple suddenly hear a noise outside and assume it's a false alarm, but Sharon has overheard their conversation and now knows the shocking truth about her attack…

Meanwhile, Aunt Babe gives Tina a stash of hash brownies to sell. However, there's a mix-up when Liam takes the supply from the café as Tiffany needs to bring in some cakes to her leavers' disco. Tina panics when she sees that the cakes have gone, but has no idea where they've disappeared to.

Later, Bianca receives a phone call from the school, who have discovered the hash cakes. Bianca is slightly tipsy when she arrives at the school to deal with the situation, as she has been sharing a bottle of wine with Carol back at the house. When Bianca ends up arguing with the head teacher, he vows to call social services…

Elsewhere, a nervous Ian tries to convince Denise not to spend time with Patrick, while Masood tries to support his friend and visits him at the hospital.


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