Episode 4888
Production Code b0499kf8
BBC transmission date Friday 11th July 2014
Duration 30 Minutes
Created By Julia Smith and Tony Holland
Executive Producer Dominic Treadwell-Collins
Director Richard Lynn
Writer Richard Lazarus
Credits See List
Previous episode 10th July 2014
Next episode 14th July 2014
Some shocking new information comes to light when a Walford resident has a confession about the night Lucy was murdered. Lauren's attempts to repair her relationship with Max are dismissed when Max hides the truth from her. Tina and Tosh visit an old friend and are shocked by what they find.

About this episode

Mick and Linda are worried when Lee is nowhere to be found following last night's revelation. When Lee finally returns to The Vic, he tells his family the truth about what he knows regarding the night of Lucy's murder. Lee's words shock the Carters…

Meanwhile, Lauren visits Max in the hope of mending their relationship. When she arrives at the car lot to speak to Max, he is inside with Emma. Will Lauren catch them together?

Elsewhere, Billy's fortunes improve when Les gives him a job at Coker & Sons, even though his trial shift was less than impressive. Unfortunately, Lola doesn't have as much luck when she applies for a job at Blades.

Also today, a date has been set for Lucy's murder trial. When Tina and Tosh visit Jake in prison, they're shocked to see the state that he is in.


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