Episode 4861
Production Code b0457vd3
BBC transmission date Monday 26th May 2014
Executive Producer Dominic Treadwell-Collins
Director Reza Moradi
Writer Rob Gittins
Credits See List
Previous episode 22nd May 2014
Next episode 27th May 2014

After doing some digging, Bianca realises she has been taken for a fool, but how will she react?

Suspicions are rife in the Carter household as it seems that more than one person is being deceitful.

Still shocked about the discovery he has made, Tamwar confronts the culprit.

David surprises Carol with tickets for a dream honeymoon, but Bianca is not convinced he is being sincere and confronts him with Liam's suspicions about Nikki.

There's also a lack of trust over at the Vic, where Dean's cousins are unsure about his doting grandson act, leading Nancy to quiz him about his motives. However, it seems he's not the only member of the household with something to hide.
Carters Vic
Tamwar-Lucy death note

Tamwar ponders over the abusive card he found at the funeral and is shocked when he realises he recognises the handwriting, while Ian takes the first step in moving on from Lucy's death.

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