Episode 4735
Production Code b03dv2pb
BBC transmission date Thursday 17 October 2013
Duration 30 Minutes
Executive Producer Lorraine Newman
Director Rupert Such
Writer Paul Matthew Thompson
Credits See List
Previous episode 15 October 2013
Next episode 18 October 2013
Feeling lost without Jack, Ronnie tries to make amends with a stubborn Phil, who refuses to forgive her for her betrayal of the Mitchell family. Over at R&R, Sharon is quick to gloat when she finds out Jack and Phil have washed their hands of Ronnie and, as if her day wasn’t bad enough already, Ronnie bumps into Michael, who is quick to wind her up about Jack leaving. Meanwhile, Phil rejects another of Carl’s business proposals so Carl tries his luck with Ronnie…

Later, having been persuaded by Lola to meet her in The Vic to prove to everyone how strong she is, Ronnie is chased by Carl on his earlier business offer, and he refuses to back down, prompting Phil to step in. Faced with the united front of Phil and Ronnie, Carl backs off. Phil soon invites Ronnie to move back in with him, much to her relief. The Mitchell clan are starting to reform once again.

Alice feels like a failure when she is unable to get her job back, but Michael is adamant they will find another way. Michael manipulatively confides in Alice about his past which concerns Alice and she vows to look after him and to get Scarlett back whatever it takes. Michael is pleased that he has Alice exactly where he wants her and his plan can now really begin.

Cora reminds Kirsty she isn’t Lauren and Abi’s mother, but Kirsty is adamant she will be there for the girls while Max is in prison. Cora, however, isn’t so sure. After her date with Jake, Lauren returns in a good mood and, despite Cora’s reservations, Kirsty is pleased with the progress she has made with Lauren.

The pressure is on for Whitney as she begins her new job as teaching assistant and things get off to a rocky start when Dennis picks on Morgan. Whitney is quick to intervene, but Ava reminds her she can’t take sides. Whitney’s sprits are lifted when she receives a welcome card from the children, however she soon finds the card ripped to pieces. Meanwhile, Whitney puts David in his place and exclaims she doesn’t need his help with running the family but little does she know David has promised Tiffany he will help bring her and Bobby back together.

When a disappointed Fatboy realises the Miss Teen Vic competition hasn’t raised any extra cash for the pub, Kat gets behind the bar to show him how it’s done. Not only does she pull the punters in, she also enjoys being back behind the bar.

Cora is annoyed by the fact she has to be civil to Sam to appease Dexter. Sam tries to reassure Cora by telling her he isn’t going anywhere but Cora warns Sam she will be keeping a close eye on him.