Episode 4727
Production Code b03c337r
BBC transmission date Thursday 3 October 2013
Duration 30 Minutes
Executive Producer Lorraine Newman
Director Sophie Lifschutz
Writer Rob Gittins
Credits See List
Previous episode 1 October 2013
Next episode 4 October 2013
Carol's touched when David gives her a single flower for her birthday. Masood gives her a huge bouquet but is put out to see David is still there. David plots to show Carol that he knows her best, making Masood plan a party for Carol, who doesn't like a fuss.

When Carol struggles to be the centre of attention at the party, Masood sees he has been play by David. David quietly gives Carol her present - a tape of music they used to like - reminding her of their good times. But she points out that David promised to never hurt her. His plan backfires, pushing Carol into Masood's arms.

Phil catches Carl hanging around and confronts him, he claims he's looking out for him. Jay plans to go to Carol's party, but Phil tells Jay to pick his loyalties; with him or Max's family. Ronnie challenges Phil but he heads to the party to pull Jay out. Tensions rise and Jack and Joey square up to him, David suggests Jay leaves the party. Ronnie tries to reason with Phil but he questions their family loyalty.

Cindy questions both Peter and Liam on whom David is. In a bid to build a relationship with his grandson, David offers Liam tips on how to operate with the ladies, but he's taken aback when he learns who Cindy is. As David knew her mum, Cindy starts talking to him but cuts her questions short when Peter arrives.

Lauren cancels a secret meet with Jake when it clashes with Carol's party. Abi and Joey become suspicious of her behaviour; he wonders if she's drinking again. Abi confronts Lauren at the party and is relieved when Lauren admits the truth - she has met someone.

Ava still thinks the operations is a bad idea but Dexter remains firm and tells his mum he is going to help his dad; she needs to back off.

Dennis tries to ruin Morgan's birthday card for Carol. Whitney tells Sharon about Dennis' unacceptable behaviour but she won't believe her son is to blame. Ava is impressed with Whitney, who has also applied for a teaching assistant job at the school.