Episode 4724
Production Code b03c2k7l
BBC transmission date Monday 30 September 2013
Duration 30 Minutes
Executive Producer Lorraine Newman
Director Clive Arnold
Writer Paul Matthew Thompson
Credits See List
Previous episode 27 September 2013
Next episode 1 October 2013
After being beaten up the night before, David wakes up in a bad way with only one pound to his name. Carol tells her grandchildren not to tell Bianca that he's back; she'll only be on the next train home.

Masood pops into Carol's before work but feels put out to find David staying with them whilst he recovers. Carol tries to reassure him that David will leave as soon as he's better. When Carol brings David breakfast in bed, he winds her up by questioning her relationship with Masood.

Later, Carol and Masood have lunch and David listens in to their conversation. As she promises Masood that David won't come between them, there is a crash from upstairs; Carol runs to David. David purposely dropped his lunch on the floor, cutting his hand on broken glass. There is clearly a spark between them as she cleans David's hand. Afterwards, Masood and Carol argue over David's presence; Carol reassures him and he leaves. Masood later tells David to let him and Carol get on with their lives. David reminds him that Carol has a habit of falling in love with him...

Tamwar is loved up after spending the night with Alice, but the lack of sexual connection worries her, causing her to question the relationship. She is about to tell Tamwar it is over but Poppy intervenes, telling Alice to stop comparing Tamwar to Michael. Alice takes Poppy's advice, inviting Tamwar back to hers. Fatboy and Poppy are relieved.

Carol is worried about Dot, so when Dot tells her she is handing in her resignation as church warden, Carol feels culpable. Carol talks Sharon into making amends with Dot. Sharon visits Dot and they put their differences behind them. She talks Dot out of resigning, offering to help her arrange a jumble sale fundraiser.

Whilst entrusted to look after Kamil, AJ panics when the toddler is nowhere to be found and the front door is found open. After running around the Square, AJ eventually finds him hiding behind the curtains because he doesn't want to go back to Pakistan.