Episode 4724
Production Code b03bq9cf
BBC transmission date Friday 27 September 2013
Duration 30 Minutes
Created By Julia Smith and Tony Holland
Executive Producer Lorraine Newman
Director Clive Arnold
Writer Simon Ashdown
Credits See List
Previous episode 26 September 2013
Next episode 30 September 2013

David waits for a flustered Carol to let him in, she notices the Porsche parked outside but is too shocked to say anything. After an awkward exchange, David confidently walks into the living room where Masood is waiting. Noticing their cosy evening in, David tells Carol he was just passing and wants to give Bianca something. But Carol is evasive, telling him she isn't around. David makes Carol uncomfortable by probing her life with Masood and revealing parts of their past she'd rather forget.

The doorbell rings again and Carol and Masood are intrigued to find Naomi; an attractive married woman David came with. Carol stands up to David and he pulls Naomi into the kitchen. The two bicker over a case containing her husband's money. David wants to give £20,000 to Bianca before they go to Spain. David's evasiveness makes Naomi question their relationship, and David callously admits that they're using each other - he doesn't even like her. A furious Naomi threatens to call her husband, and David's business partner, Don.

Tiffany is woken by the noise and is excited to see her granddad downstairs. David puts her back to bed and Carol finds him in Pat's old bedroom. David suddenly changes his attitude, laying it on thick that it was a mistake to leave her, but Carol refuses to forgive or forget the past. He's surprised to hear Derek hid the letters David sent her, but is relieved to hear he's passed away. He confesses his love for her and pleads for another chance. What will Carol do?

David and Carol go back downstairs and Don and two of his friends arrive. They take back the case and the £20,000 in David's pocket. Naomi's pushed to the car and David begs to keep the £20,000 as it's his and he needs it for his daughter. David puts up a fight but the men take the money and his car. They beat up David, as Carol tries to help. As they speed away, a penniless David lays in a heap as Carol cradles him. He looks up, his face disfigured and bloodied.

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