Episode 4723
Production Code b03bq93t
BBC transmission date Thursday 26 September 2013
Duration 30 Minutes
Executive Producer Lorraine Newman
Director Clive Arnold
Writer Colin Wyatt
Credits See List
Previous episode 24 September 2013
Next episode 27 September 2013
Masood arrives at the Butcher's for a romantic night in with Carol; they have the house to themselves. He barely steps inside the hallway before they kiss and Carol suggests they could skip dinner. As Carol sets the table, Whitney, Liam, Tiffany and Morgan all arrive home early from the cinema. As the youngsters continue to bicker, Carol and Masood are left deflated.

After the unexpected family meal, the kids make themselves scarce and the loved-up couple carry on where they left off. They enter the living room and as they kiss, Morgan walks in claiming he can't sleep. Alone again, Masood and Carol finally collapse on the sofa where they express their feelings for each other. Suddenly, the doorbell goes and after trying to ignore it, a frustrated Carol opens the door to see David Wicks stood there.

At the Masoods, Alice and Tamwar are kissing on the sofa but he starts to feel awkward when she puts her hand on his knee. Their intimacy is soon disturbed when AJ and Masood walk in discussing Masood's night in with Carol. Tamwar is uneasy and declines when Alice suggests they go back to hers to finish what they've started, so when Fatboy walks in, Alice decides to leave.

Fatboy arranges for Poppy, Alice and Tamwar to go for drinks in The Vic where they hatch a plan to bring Alice and Tamwar together. Tamwar and Alice find themselves kissing again but Alice is frustrated when Tamwar doesn't want to go back to hers. She makes her feelings known, and vulnerable, Tamwar goes with her and she leads him upstairs to her bedroom.

Determined, Dot sets about preparing a document for Reverend Stevens. Her plans are thrown when a stressed Sharon arrives unannounced to leave Dennis with her. Dennis purposefully winds Dot up and she eventually flares up and shouts at him. Seeing his mum in the doorway, Dennis suddenly plays the victim. Neither of them notices the sly grin on Dennis' face and Sharon turns on Dot, leaving her devastated.