Episode 4720
Production Code b03bdhvx
BBC transmission date Friday 20 September 2013
Duration 30 Minutes
Executive Producer Lorraine Newman
Director John Greening
Writer Gina Dallow
Credits See List
Previous episode 19 September 2013
Next episode 23 September 2013
Concerned about Carl, Billy makes a call to protect the Mitchell empire. At the hospital, Phil continues to refuse the nurse's requests to start moving about. Back at R&R, Ronnie sees off Carl from the office yet again; his presence is starting to get to her.

Peggy arrives at the hospital and meets Billy. She wastes no time giving Phil some home truths; he needs to pull himself together. As she goes to leave, Peggy hands him a bag and when she's gone Phil looks inside to see it contains his nurse's phone number. Phil smiles, but has Peggy got through to him?

Carl's shocked to find Phil and Billy in the R&R. Phil tells him that he's back and he knows what Carl's been up to. As Carl tries to backtrack, Phil makes it known that it could've been war. Carl scurries out, Phil sits down exhausted and Ronnie asks if he should go back to hospital, but he's determined to stay.

Abi gets a job to help with bills, but, not wanting Abi to ruin her studies, Lauren applies for a cleaning job instead. Upset when she doesn't get it, Joey is on hand to encourage Lauren not to give up. Later, Lauren calls Jake as he understands what she's going through. At his bedsit, their talk soon heats up and they kiss passionately.

After Dexter recreates a happy childhood memory for Abi in an attempt to cheer her up, they realise they would do anything for their dads. Dexter has an idea.

Back from the hospital, Ava tells Sam she is against him starting dialysis and lets slip that she's being tested as a possible donor match. Sam reassures a worried Dexter that she probably won't be a match. But after his time with Abi, Dexter tells Sam he wants to be tested, but his mother can't know.

With a date in front of the TV with Tamwar planned, Alice asks Whitney to help pick a sexy outfit. Back at home, Alice feels uncomfortable in the outfit, so she heads to the Vic for some courage. Alice is drunk when she arrives at Tamwar's and soon falls asleep on the sofa.