Episode 4579
Eastenders 31 jan 2013'
Production Code b01qdpxx
BBC transmission date 31 Jan 2013
Viewers  ? million
Duration 30 minutes
Executive Producer Lorraine Newman
Director Richard Lynn
Writer Rob Gittins
Credits See List
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It’s awkward between Ayesha and Masood, and worsens when he tells her to see Rasheed. Zainab says it’s obvious Ayesha’s in love. Masood tells AJ Ayesha’s fallen for him, but AJ convinces him she’s joking. Masood visits Zainab at work with samosas but she shoos him away; worried what people will think. Masood shouts at Ayesha to stop joking, later learning she isn’t as she comes onto him. Masood rejects her advances.

Abi and Cora tell Max to leave Tanya alone. Abi takes Max his post. There’s a letter from Kirtsy – wedding ring inside.

Alice arrives at Michael’s to find Tyler’s things strewn everywhere. He’s moved in. Michael tells Alice to make Tyler tidy, but she does it herself. Michael’s displeased: her job is to babysit. Alice cries revealing to Michael she wanted to keep busy to keep her mind off Derek – a letter came for him. It’s nothing, but she can’t cancel them; she doesn’t want him forgotten. Michael assures her her family miss him too. Inspired, Alice arranges a family get-together to remember Derek, but no-one shows. Michael comforts Alice, telling her Derek wasn’t all bad. Alice says he’s not bad either.

After being faced with serious stall set-up issues, Kat, then Alfie, ask, then beg, Ian for help. After a rocky start, Ian eventually gives in to Alfie’s request.

Alfie’s got a new Vic plaque with Roxy’s name emblazoned. Jean worries the unveiling will upset Kat. It does. Alfie learns he can’t please both her and Roxy.

Bianca asks Whitney if Tiff can stay in her room now Tyler’s gone. She encourages Whitney to forget about Tyler – she can be herself now. Whitney worries what that means. Be a promiscuous cheat? Tyler asks Whitney if they can get back together but Whitney’s unsure. Is that how he views her?


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