Episode 0000
BBC transmission date 00 month 2010
Viewers  ? million
Duration 30 minutes
Executive Producer Unknown
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Ronnie brings baby James home. Alfie buys matching baby grows for Tommy and James. Later, Ronnie falls asleep on the sofa. When she wakes, James is cold and blue. Ronnie tries to warm him up, but he’s not breathing. Hysterical, clutching James, Ronnie hammers on Glenda’s door, then Pat’s.

Suddenly baby Tommy cries. Drawn to the noise, Ronnie walks into the Vic, up the stairs and into the bedroom. She tells Tommy not to cry. As Big Ben chimes and Tommy stops crying, Ronnie says ‘That’s my boy’.

Alfie, Kat and the Slater’s are thrilled with the baby, now named Tommy. Fat Boy and Mercy sell tickets for a New Years Eve party at the Vic. Kat realises her sheets are drenched in blood. Alfie rushes Kat to hospital. Kat asks Charlie to look after Tommy.

At the hospital, Kat’s whisked away. Alfie prays, terrified. Kat’s okay, but weak. She asks Alfie to get Tommy. Back at the Vic, Charlie can’t resist leaving Tommy and joining the party downstairs.

Tiffany’s wet the bed and sneaks her sheets to the launderette. She’s upset that Carol’s babysitting. Carol tells Connor she can’t see him that night. Whatever Connor says, Whitney believes they can be a couple and tells Connor to meet her in the Vic. Carol and Liam are watching TV when Ronnie knocks on the door. Carol’s about to answer the door when she sees Connor in the hall.

Denise and Patrick decide not to bring Jordan back to Walford, he’s happy where he is.

Billy tells Julie he’s happy she’s back in his life. They nearly kiss, but Mo interrupts.

Roxy and Christian are in party mode. Christian’s argued with Syed. A piper flirts with Christian and then kisses him, Christian quickly pulls away.


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