Episode 4090
Eastenders 19 oct 2010'
BBC transmission date 19 October 2010
Viewers  ? million
Duration 30 minutes
Executive Producer Unknown
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Kim, Kat, Stacey, Pat and Janine are shut in a cell together. Stacey’s worried about Lily, and Pat admits she’s with Ryan, not Charlie. Stacey asks the police officer to phone Ryan. The girls play a game, each saying something they’ve never done, to discover who else has done it. When Janine taunts Stacey, Stacey blurts out ‘I’ve never been engaged to a dirty old rapist’. Janine doesn’t believe it. Stacey quickly backtracks, then becomes distressed and when Pat gently asks if Archie raped her, she nods. Pat and Kat think this explains why Bradley killed Archie. Pat and Janine discuss Ryan, Stacey’s lies awake, listening. The next morning, the police let the women go with a caution.

Billy and Alfie are locked in another cell. Billy talks about the horrors he experienced in care. An officer tells Billy they’re not going to press charges. Alfie’s frustrated when this doesn’t cheer Billy up. Billy has a panic attack and Alfie calmly talks him through it. Billy thanks Alfie and remembers Julie used to calm him down like that. Billy admits he always hated Alfie, especially when he was with Little Mo. He’s sure Alfie will always be better off than him, until Alfie admits Kat’s baby isn’t his. Billy assures Alfie the baby’s lucky to have him. Later, Billy calls Julie.

Ryan’s terrified, he doesn’t know what to do with Lily. He asks Whitney to look after the baby, he can’t do it. Later, when Ryan’s out of the room, Whitney leaves. Ryan finds a note on Lily – ‘you can’. Anxious, after discovering there was no answer when the police called Ryan, Stacey and Janine rush home. They find Lily asleep with doting father Ryan lying next to her. Ryan tells them he doesn’t care what either of them say, he’s doing this.


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