Episode 3782
Production Code b00k9f5j
BBC transmission date 4 May 2009
Viewers  ? million
Duration 30 minutes
Executive Producer Diederick Santer
Director Peter Rose
Writer Richard Davidson
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Next episode Episode 3605 (5 May 2009)


}Heather looks at her ultrasound photo. Dr Jenkins asks her if she’s told her friends she’s pregnant, Heather says she hasn’t even told the father. Heather writes a letter to the father. Heather carries her letter around all day. After talking to Ben, who says he was better off with just his mother, she burns the letter, deciding never to tell the father.

Roxy’s upset because Ronnie’s bought Amy a new christening gown. Phil’s drunk again, but when Roxy asks Ronnie to sort him out, Ronnie just tells Phil not to drink in front of the baby. Roxy tells Jack her worries, he offers to help. He reassures Roxy she’s stronger than she thinks. Jack wants to be a proper dad to Amy. Ben tells Shirley everything’s worse now she’s going out with Phil. Jay draws on Phil’s face and puts Danielle’s locket around his neck, Phil breaks it when he wakes up. Ronnie’s distraught to discover what has happened.

Zainab interrogates Tamwar about Syed’s girlfriend Amira. Zainab secretly searches for Amira’s number on Syed’s phone.

Billy receives a hand-delivered birthday card reading ‘you let Jay’s dad die’. Dot insists she didn’t tell anyone Billy’s secret. When Heather asks Billy’s advice about her letter, Billy wrongly suspects her of sending the card. Nick eventually tells Billy it was him, he’ll be in touch to tell Billy what he wants.

The women of Walford admire Dr Al Jenkins. Tanya spills coffee over him. She apologises and he offers to buy her a coffee. Max wants Tanya and the kids to do something for his birthday the next day, Tanya tells him to count her out. Jane thinks Tanya should ask out Dr Jenkins to prove to Max they’re not together any more.


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