Episode 0000
BBC transmission date 00 month 2008
Viewers  ? million
Duration 30 minutes
Executive Producer Unknown
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Jean is with Sean and Amy at the squat. She’s worried and Sean admits he doesn’t know what to do. Roxy’s still desperately worried about Amy. Jean looks at the photo of Sean with the Mitchells. She says they won’t stop until they find him. Sean and Amy have been spotted at the squat, Jack finds out the address and he and Phil drive there. Meanwhile, Stacey finds Jean at the Slaters’ with Amy’s dirty bottles, and makes Jean take her to Sean. When Phil and Jack arrive at the flats they break down the wrong door and leave - presuming they had the wrong address. Sean hears them, and by the time Stacey and Jean arrive he’s gone. They find the photo of the Mitchells; all the faces are scribbled out, except Sean, Roxy and Amy’s.

Peggy discovers the empty safe and is angry no-one told her Suzy took the money. Phil opens the pub. Ben tells Phil he’s glad Suzy’s gone and asks if Phil can now be with Shirley, Phil says no.

Tanya’s plea hearing is on the second of January. Max is worried, but Bradley tells him he has to think about the girls and prepare them for the worst. Max visits Tanya in prison and asks her to plead not guilty.

Dot fusses over Dotty and Nick leaves them together. Everyone wonders why Nick’s back. Someone takes Nick’s van and Dot is worried, but Dotty tells her it was one of Nick’s friends. Patrick warns Nick not to hurt Dot and Jim, but later thinks he might have been wrong about Nick.

Whitney’s upset when the letter she sent to her Mum is returned unopened. Bianca tells Whitney it was the only address she had. However, Janine steals a newer address from Bianca’s handbag.


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