Episode 0000
BBC transmission date 00 month 2008
Viewers  ? million
Duration 30 minutes
Executive Producer Unknown
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The search for Amy is underway. Jack presses Stacey for information but she’s adamant she knows nothing. Stacey keeps the truth of what’s happened from Jean. Roxy bumps into Jean and reveals that Sean’staken Amy and she’s not his baby. Jean’s horrified and angered that Stacey didn’t tell her. She says Amy will continue to be her granddaughter despite her not being Sean’s. Jean goes to the park. Sean appears with Amy and thanks Jean for coming.

A distraught Roxy talks to the police. She tries to speak to Ronnie, but is rejected. Ronnie has stayed at Max’s. Jack comes to try and resolve things but Ronnie remains resolute. Christian’s efforts to convince Ronnie to make amends with Roxy fail.

Dot remains sceptical as to whether Dotty is really her granddaughter. She doesn’t want to get attached, but Nick convinces her otherwise. Dotty is a mini version of Dot, and she’s charmed by her. Nick is the doting father. Dot invites them to stay. Bradley meets Nick and Dotty. He’s unconvinced by their angelic display and vocalises his reservations to Dot. She defends Nick. Bradley gives her an ultimatum: as long as Nick stays, he can’t. Bradley leaves.

Whitney checks the post for a letter from her mother, but there’s nothing. Janine suggests cheering her up by baking a cake, but Whitney’s not in the mood for fun and games. She sits alone, tearful.

Max tries bonding with Lauren and her icy stance begins to crack. Ronnie returns to Max’s drunk and comes onto him. Lauren witnesses this and runs off.

Janine goes to work at Pat Cars. She assumes she’ll be driving, but instead, Darren hands her a bucket for washing cars. She solves the problem by getting Liam, Morgan and Tiffany to wash the cars.


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