Episode 14
Episode 14Michelle walks in on Kelvin and Sharon's fun at the laundrette
BBC transmission date 14 April 1985
Executive Producer Julia Smith
Director Matthew Robinson
Writer Valerie Georgeson
Credits See List
Previous episode Episode 13 (2 April 1985)
Next episode Episode 15 (9 April 1985)


Mary is fretting where Ethel has taken her daughter Annie and she tells Pauline, so she decides to call her social worker. In Bridge Street Café, Lofty asks Sue if she could get a message to Ali to look out for Ethel and Annie whilst out in his cab, but Sue says Ali will be asleep as he works nights and Lofty tells her that Ali's car isn't outside. Sue agrees to ring his firm. In the Launderette, Lou tells Pauline and Arthur that Ethel and her husband, William, couldn't have children and it's possibly the reason why Ethel took Annie meanwhile Dr Legg sends Ian to the estate, Lofty to look after Mary and Michelle and Kelvin to spread the word. Ethel eventually turns up with Annie in a pram that Ethel had bought and Mary angrily warns Ethel to stay away from Annie. Back in her room, Kathy says that Ethel didn't mean no harm and at Lou's, Ethel reveals to Lou that she paid £10 for the pram and she thought she, Mary and Annie were getting on, but Lou advises her to look out for herself. Debbie and Andy are called to see Dr Legg about Ethel and Debbie says she told Ethel to take an interest, but not baby sitting and Andy defends Debbie. Dr Legg agrees that it wasn't Debbie's fault, but he's concerned that it will affect Ethel more than Mary as she still hasn't got over Nick attacking her in her own home. Sharon asks her parents for money for a new cassette in order to get Kelvin to like her more than Michelle, but Angie says she will get money the following day after helping out that night meanwhile at Fowler's, Michelle is cooking a cauliflower cheese for her and Kelvin. Kelvin and Michelle kiss, but are interrupted by Lou, who's come home from bingo early. Once the pub is closed, Sharon persuades Den to let her have the money she's earned before getting more money out of Den by saying that she knows he really wants her and her mum to accompany him in Spain. The following day, Mary accepts Ethel's apology and she tells Ethel that she got in trouble over the blouses and Ali's friend threatened to take her to court, but she called his bluff. Sharon offers to do her parents laundry as she knows Kelvin will be at the laundrette and later at the laundrette, she and Kelvin get carried away whilst listening to the cassette and they tumble onto the floor as Michelle walks in.