Episode 10
Episode 10Ali is injured and robbed by someone
BBC transmission date 21 March 1985
Executive Producer Julia Smith
Director Sue Butterworth
Writer Jim Hawkins
Credits See List
Previous episode Episode 09 (19 March 1985)
Next episode Episode 11 (26 March 1985)


Naima opens up her shop to find it vandalized and she is distraught and Andy and Pete try to calm her down. Saeed soon arrives with Ethel and Andy offers to phone the police, but Ethel and Pete agree that they won't do anything and Saeeed thinks about phoning the police. Later at the shop, Saeed says there was nothing wrong with the padlocks and people can break into anywhere if they are determined enough, but Naima tells him they were cheap padlocks and now they have to spend more money as a result as well as the fact the place could've been burnt down. Word of what happened to the shop spreads and Lou asks Pete how Naima is and Lou says Saeed probably wouldn't have let Naima go home and men have feelings like dead wood. In The Vic, Ethel informs Angie of what happened to the shop and Angie hopes there's not going to be anymore break in's, especially as they've had it recently on the estate. At Bridge Street Café, Naima asks Lou why it happened to them and Lou says it's because of smalll minds and kids have nothing better to do that draw the dole and if they had jobs, they'd stay out of trouble. Lou advises Naima that if she wants to live in Walford, then she has to get use to taking a few knocks and Naima breaks down, saying she knew it would've probably happened sooner or later. Den speaks to Jan on the phone and he tells Pete that things are getting serious and Jan wants him to go on holiday with her for a week. He also tells Pete that Jan said that if he doesn't get things sorted, then she will come to The Vic and cause an almighty row. Pete asks Den if Angie would forgive him if he went away for a week, but Den hints on them working on an alibi, but Pete reckons it'd be difficult covering for him for a week. In the cafe, Sharon asks Kelvin to go to a Frankie concert with her and Michelle witnesses the pair. Ali tells Sue that he reckons Nick is the one responsible for doing the estate and Naima and Saeed's shop and Sue says it could also be Mark or Lofty as they hang around with Nick. Sue confesses to Ali she also bought the carving knife of Nick for £3 and not down the market and if she told him, he'd go off in the deep end. Later that night when Ali arrives home after finishing his shift in his cab, he is injured by someone behind, causing him to fall to the ground, and robbed.