Easties 24 oct 1994
Grant Mitchell is happier than ever, everything is looking up (a huge shock is in store for him soon, regarding a taped confession). The Queen Vic is being prepared for Phil Mitchell and Kathy Beale's engagement party. One of the beer kegs in playing up so Steve Elliot tells Grant. Grant says he will go to The Feathers and ask Dave if he can lend him a spare keg for the party. On the way back, Grant changes the cassette tape over, it was playing Rolf Harris' Two Little Boys. He then picks up a random cassette from the glove box, the one which has Michelle and Sharon's recorded conversation about their life and their loves of their lives. Grant has to listen to Michelle slagging him off. Sharon says he has a loving side to him that Michelle has not seen. Michelle says all she sees is the beast. Grant huffs at this. He parks back up outside the pub and Sharon says that Grant is the one for him. He smiles. Michelle asks Sharon about Phil. Grant is bemused as to why Phil's name has come up and then listens to Michelle reminding Sharon of Phil saying "You slept with him remember"?


Prev Ep Episode 1042 (20th October 1994)

Next Ep Episode 1044 (25th October 1994)

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