Episode 1003
Easties 21 july 1994
BBC transmission date 21 July 1994
Viewers 16.12 million
Director Sue Butterworth
Writer Joanne Maguire
Credits See List
Previous episode Episode 1002 (19 July 1994)
Next episode Episode 1004 (25 July 1994)


Ian Beale fools Tricky Dicky into posing for a photo for him by saying he is now into photography. Unbeknown to him, Ian is gathering info to pass on to Neil Bradley so he can come to Walford and settle the old score. Arthur Fowler is worried about his upcoming court case for driving without due care and attention. Nigel Bates is getting sympathy from locals about the "break in" last night. He tells Grant Mitchell he had a break in and Grant says nothing to worry about if he is insured. Nigel says Debbie never got round to insuring everything then he tells Grant he staged the robbery. Grant advises him to to confess to the police but also tells him it is his mess he can sort it. Nigel then begs for more time from Ian Beale to pay his debt and Ian agrees. Ian gets the whole family out onto the market that evening and asks Tricky Dicky to confirm his address of 13 George Street and then writes it on the postcard. He confronts him about his past and says he has contacted Neil Bradley who is going to come after him. Ian runs off to post the letter but Tricky Dicky stops him by standing in front of the letterbox. Alan Jackson wrestles Tricky Dicky and Ian posts the letter. Tricky Dicky calls him an idiot and runs off. Very late that night about 10pm as Sanjay Kapoor is walking across the the Vic he is greeted by Tricky Dicky who says he is going away. He says Sanjay can stay at his flat and can he look after the rents for the bedsits. He gives Sanjay the rent books and all his keys. Tricky Dicky tells Sanjay he has handed in his resignation as market inspector. He also tells Sanjay to collect the rent until his solicitor sells the flats he owns at No 5 Albert Square. Sanjay realises Richard is not coming back and says that to him. Tricky Dicky says that one thing he wont miss about Albert Square is the small minded residents of Albert Square. He gets in his car and drives away into the night.


  • Richard Cole - Ian Reddington
  • Sanjay Kapoor - Deepak Verma
  • Ian Beale - Adam Woodyatt
  • Cindy Beale - Michelle Collins
  • Nigel Bates - Paul Bradley
  • Debbie Bates - Nicola Duffett
  • Della Alexander - Michelle Joseph
  • Binnie Roberts - Sophie Langham
  • Pauline Fowler - Wendy Richard
  • Arthur Fowler - Bill Treacher
  • Nellie Ellis - Elizabeth Kelly
  • Kathy Beale - Gillian Taylforth
  • Phil Mitchell - Steve McFadden
  • Grant Mitchell - Ross Kemp
  • Carol Jackson - Lindsey Coulson
  • Alan Jackson - Howard Antony
  • David Wicks - Michael French
  • Ricky Butcher - Sid Owen


Final appearance of Ian Reddington as Richard Cole.