Episode 970
Easties 5 may 1994
BBC transmission date 5 May 1994
Director Bill Hays
Writer Barrie Shore
Credits See List
Previous episode Episode 969 (3 May 1994)
Next episode Episode 971 (9 May 1994)


Kathy Beale is still being harrassed by Jimmy Coogan. Gita Kapoor returns to Albert Square and says to best friend Cindy Beale how upset she is at losing her job. Phil Mitchell says to Jimmy that he can come and collect his car now if he wants. He then quickly summons Grant Mitchell to hide the car somewhere. Jimmy turns up at The Arches and asks for his car. Phil says he does not know where it is. Jimmy is annoyed at Phil for setting him up. They start to scrap and Phil pins Jimmy down on the bonnet of a car and tells him that if he goes near Kathy again he will kill him. Grant arrives and tells Jimmy to go home and have a coffee. Jimmy leaves. Pat Butcher is still upset and cries in front of Ricky Butcher saying she wishes he would just ring. Ricky has placed an ad in the Walford Gazette with a photo of Frank, asking if anyone knows him in his quest to try and track him down.


  • Gita Kapoor - Shobu Kapoor
  • Sanjay Kapoor - Deepak Verma
  • Pauline Fowler - Wendy Richard
  • Michelle Fowler - Susan Tully
  • Mark Fowler - Todd Carty
  • Arthur Fowler - Bill Treacher
  • Nellie Ellis - Elizabeth Kelly
  • Jules Tavernier - Tommy Eytle
  • Carol Jackson - Lindsey Coulson
  • Pat Butcher - Pam St. Clement
  • Ricky Butcher - Sid Owen
  • Nigel Bates - Paul Bradley
  • Bianca Jackson - Patsy Palmer
  • Natalie Price - Lucy Speed
  • Grant Mitchell - Ross Kemp
  • Phil Mitchell - Steve McFadden
  • Ian Beale - Adam Woodyatt
  • Cindy Beale - Michelle Collins
  • Liam Tyler - Francis Magee
  • Jimmy Coogan - Gerard Kelly
  • Tracey - Jane Slaughter
  • Milkman - Michael Leader