Liam Tyler is still hanging around the neighbourho
Easties 28 april 1994
od trying to annoy Nigel Bates. Jimmy Coogan returns to The Arches to collect the car but as Phil has not been paid, he wont give Jimmy the car. He tells him to tell Lee that but Jimmy says Lee has done a bunk. Phil says it is down to Jimmy now to pay him. Jimmy refuses, saying it is not his problem and if Phil wants money he should find Lee himself. Later on in The Queen Vic Jimmy follows Phil and harasses him. Back at The Arches Phil gets a phonecall to go and attend a breakdown. He is told the address but spends a while hunting down the address which seems to not exist. At No 41 Albert Square, David Wicks says that he has not actually contacted The Missing persons Service, using it as a way to stop Pat Butcher worrying. Ricky Butcher is annoyed at David for this. They row and David says Frank has done a bunk and he had enough of him, Pat and Janine. Ricky takes a swing at David but David grabs his fist telling him to try again when he has got a chance. Sanjay Kapoor has to open up to Ian Beale about his finances. Michelle Fowler tries to return to normality and shuts out Pauline Fowler and Mark Fowler when they offer to help. At The Arches, Jimmy returns to hound Phil again and admits he was behind the call about the breakdown. An aggrivated Phil reminds him not to keep aggrivating him. Jimmy says if he gets the car he will never visit him again but Phil refuses. Jimmy demands the keys. Phil then punches Jimmy in the face saying to not aggrivate him. Jimmy says Phil will regret that and walks off.


Prev Ep Episode 967 (26th April 1994)

Next Ep Episode 969 (3rd May 1994)

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