Pat Butcher is worried today as she has to go and
Easties 26 april 1994
identify the corpse to see if it is Frank Butcher. David Wicks offers to come with her. Michelle Fowler comes home from hospital. Jimmy Coogan comes for the Merc but Phil wont give it to him until he has been paid for it and the other 6 cars. Jimmy says that Lee will be very unhappy with what Phil said if he tells him what Phil said. Phil says it is tough. Liam Tyler is greeted by Richard Cole and shown the bedsit he is moving into. Robbie Jackson steals a doll for his sister Sonia Jackson. Pat returns from the coroners office relieved that the corpse was not Frank but feels sorry for the man anyway. In The Queen Vic Richard Cole says to Pat that Frank must have had another woman. Pat cries and walks out. David berates Tricky Dicky and follows Pat. She worries how she will cope without Frank. Ian Beale berates Cindy Beale for getting involved in Gita Kapoor's problems.


Prev Ep Episode 966 (25th April 1994)

Next Ep Episode 968 (28th April 1994)

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