Cindy Beale is pressurised by Sanjay Kapoor to tell
Easties 25 april 1994
him where his wife Gita Kapoor is. As Cindy's twins are making a racket, Sanjay blocks her from going to see them. Cindy gives in and tells Sanjay where Gita is. Pat Butcher goes to work at The Queen Vic and says to Grant Mitchell she thinks Frank Butcher has run away. When Pat comes home she phones a few coroners to see if they have recieved any dead bodies that match Frank's description. Dark hair, mid fifties, broad shoulders. The coroner says they have a man who matches Frank's description who was fished out of the Thames the night Frank disappeared. Pat is told to go and see if it is him. She later says that there must be thousands of men who fit that description so why should the man in the morgue be Frank. Michelle Fowler says she is coming home from hospital today. Sharon Mitchell offers to pick her up. Grant is still worried that Michelle will open her mouth about what really happened the night she was shot. She is still worried that Dougie Briggs will return and finish her and Grant off.


Prev Ep Episode 965 (21st April 1994)

Next Ep Episode 967 (26th April 1994)

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