Episode 960
Easties 11 april 1994'
BBC transmission date 11 April 1994
Executive Producer Leonard Lewis
Director Leonard Lewis
Writer Tony Jordan
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Previous episode Episode 959 (7th April 1994)
Next episode Episode 961 (12th April 1994)


Pat Butcher is calling around some of Frank Butcher's friend to see if he is with them. It has been a day or two since Frank disappeared. Ricky Butcher is also worried. At The Queen Vic, Dougie Briggs is getting creepier, playing mind games with Sharon Mitchell such as standing in the doorway of her bedroom as she is sat at the dressing table, thus Dougie appearing in the reflection of the table mirror then suddenly walking away from the doorway as Sharon turns round. That night he drinks a punters pint after the punter asks for his seat back and his drink. Grant Mitchell confronts him about the gun that he has but he says it is not loaded, they will just use it to scare the security guard. That night Phil Mitchell explains to Kathy Beale that he went looking for James Willmott-Brown and found he is in prison again. This upsets Kathy and brings the bad memories of her rape back to her. Grant goes to visit an old army friend Terry hoping to get some info on Dougie. He asks Terry if he knew Dougie Briggs and Terry says he knew Briggsy. He explains that after Grant left the army Dougie tried to join the SAS but was turned down on medical grounds, and was certified as a nutter by the MO and that Dougie shot him dead and then raped his wife. Grant, realising he has left Sharon and Michelle Fowler back at the pub after closing time alone with Dougie quickly storms out of the nightclub. He tries to ring Sharon but the phone is not working so runs out into the street and summons a taxi to take him back to Walford. Dougie catches Sharon alone in the upstairs lounge.


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EastEnders third episode trailer 1994

EastEnders third episode trailer 1994


This episode marked the start of the transmission of 3 episodes per week instead of the usual 2.

This episode saw the first time the current theme tune was used, with the famous "Duff, Duff's" at the start of the opening credits. The title sequence of the birds eye view over the East End of London remained the same. The theme tune has remained to this day but the title sequence has been updated numerous times.