Frank Butcher is feeling very cheerful again and is sure
Easties 31 mar 1994
that the insurance money will come through. He suggests to Pat Butcher that they go on holiday when the money comes through. Sharon Mitchell is still feeling uneasy around the wierd Dougie Briggs. Grant Mitchell says he is just an old mate. They play poker all morning. Frank goes into The Vic for a drink and is feeling cheerful but not for long as Arthur Fowler comes in looking for Frank and says a man is sniffing round the car lot. Frank's cheer turns to panic as he goes to check it out and it is the loss adjuster, Mr T. K. Holder. Frank spins him a yarn that the business acounts went up in the fire. Mr Holder says the police did inform him of that and he will be round to look at the personal accounts later at their address. Frank is worried and goes to see Phil Mitchell who says not to worry, it is good news, the insurance money will come through. Frank is relieved and goes to finish his drink. Steve Elliot asks Sharon for early pay so he can pay the deposit on the old pet shop. Mr Holder visits the Butcher house and Pat say that the business accounts are upstairs, they did not go up in the fire. Mr Holder is surprised they survived as he was told by the police and Frank they had gone up in the flames. Frank returns home and Pat says Holder is looking at all the books. Frank hides his panic and sits down, realising that the books will show that they were in financial ruin and the fire was probably deliberate. Frank tries to hide his panic in front of Pat. When Holder leaves, Pat is happy but wonders why Frank is so down when he was cheerful a few hours before. She says they are winning at last. When she goes to the kitchen, Frank sighs and holds his hand to his head. He knows his insurance claim will be denied.


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Next Ep Episode 958 (5th April 1994)

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