Frank Butcher sends David Wicks to open up the car lot while he does some
Easties 3 march 1994
paperwork. Meanwhile the police find David at the car lot to say they have dropped the case against him with the teenage girl due to lack of evidence. They warn him to be very careful in future. Phil Mitchell tells Kathy Beale that he has bought Frank's share of the cafe. She is incensed that he did not consult her first. She feels like he is trying to run her life. Jules Tavernier says that he is happy staying in Walford and does not want to move to Norwich. David goes to celebrate and flirts with Bianca Jackson. Frank says to Phil that it is time to fire the car lot. Phil tells Frank to think about it. Shelley suggests to Mark Fowler to lie about his medical history to get the loan he wants. That night, Bianca, Robbie Jackson and Natalie Price decide to pay Richard Cole's flat a visit, seeing as they have a key. They rearrange the furniture. He parks up outside as they are doing so. They quickly run out. Luckily Richard is talking to Sanjay Kapoor outside the shop next door and does not see the 3 of them leaving. In The Queen Vic Frank comes up to Phil and says that he wants a word with him outside. They go over to the car lot. Frank says they had an agreement, he has done his bit and he wants Phil to do his and to burn the lot. Phil says "Alright Frank. Leave it to me. I'll get it sorted".


Prev Ep Episode 948 (1st March 1994)

Next Ep Episode 950 (8th March 1994)

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