Easties 24 feb 1994
Pat Butcher is worried sick about her son David Wicks. It is about 5am in the morning. Frank Butcher rings Walford police station and says David was released 2 hours ago. David is sat in Bridge Street Cafe with his cousin Michelle Fowler. Ian Beale opens up the stall and wonders where David is. Steve Elliot has a bag packed for his trip to Norwich in Norfolk to see if he can find Hattie Tavernier. Grant Mitchell says if he stays overnight can he let him know. Steve heads for Liverpool Street train station. A couple of hours later he arrives at Etta Tavernier's house in Norwich. She is not pleased to see him. Ian berates David for being late helping him on the stall. David says that he had sex with an underage girl, she looked 21 but was 15. Frank is sure David is a wrong un. In Norwich, Steve wants to talk to Hattie. Etta says he broke her heart by dumping her so suddenly when she was pregnant. She says Hattie lost the baby. Steve sees a photo of Hattie with another man. Etta says Hattie has moved on with her life. Steve leaves the house. As he does, he sees Hattie in a car kissing her new boyfriend. Defeated, Steve slings his bag over his shoulder and heads for the train station to get the next available train back to London.


Prev Ep Episode 946 (22nd February 1994)

Next Ep Episode 948 (1st March 1994)

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