Easties 22 feb 1994
David Wicks is still showing a massive interest in the fruit stall at Bridge Street Market, seeing as he is also the son of Pete Beale. He tries to win over Frank Butcher and gives him flannel about being a good salesman. Knowing David is a bit of a con man and causing aggro over a "Poxy fruit stall" in Frank's words, Frank warns him he will keep his eye on him. Back at the house that night Frank says to David to decide where to sell motor cars or Granny Smith's as he cannot do both. Nellie Ellis has got her foot well and truly under the table at No 45 Albert Square much to the dismay of Arthur Fowler.


Prev Ep Episode 945 (17th February 1994)

Next Ep Episode 947 (24th February 1994)

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