Easties 17 feb 1994
A financially strapped Frank Butcher has a bit of banter with son Ricky Butcher, Ricky mocks Frank and Frank says "How would you like a dig". In The Queen Vic later the day Frank says he will accept Phil Mitchell's offer of £5000 for Frank's share of Bridge Street Cafe. Frank says that Phil has had 2 good cracks out of him, the flat and his share of the cafe at rock bottom prices so feels Phil should return the favour. Phil agrees and Frank says he cant talk in the pub and to meet him round his house in 30 minutes. David Wicks still has not decided whether to be a car salesman or a fruit stall holder. Ian Beale is running the stall at the minute as is disgruntled cousin Mark Fowler has handed him the stall, seeing as Ian feels he has a right to it when Mark has slogged away running the stall since his uncle Pete Beale died. At Frank's house, Frank reminds Phil of the suggestion that maybe a fire should happen at the car lot to claim on the insurance. Phil is hesitant at first but agrees to commit arson for Frank.


Prev Ep Episode 944 (15th February 1994)

Next Ep Episode 946 (22nd February 1994)

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