Easties 8 feb 1994
Nellie Ellis gets her "letter" from the council to say that she either has to give up her flat in Ilford if she is not living there or move back. She questions as to why Walford council would write to her and not Ilford Council. Ricky Butcher sells Michelle Fowler a car. Nellie says that it has been lovely that Arthur Fowler and Pauline Fowler have let her stay but she feels it is time to go home. Arthur is over the moon but has to hide it. He goes to The Queen Victoria and says he feels like getting drunk. He gets drunk and has to be taken home by his son Mark Fowler. A drunken and jolly Arthur calls Nellie the old bag. Baby Peter Beale is taken ill. Kathy Beale sees an ambulance outside the Beale house but Ian says he does not want her around seeing as she sacked him.


Prev Ep Episode 941 (3rd February 1994)

Next Ep Episode 943 (10th February 1994)

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