Easties 3 feb 1994
Phil Mitchell is getting tins of paint ready to decorate his new flat. Arthur Fowler is being bossed around by the nagging Nellie Ellis. She wants him to collect her pension for her from the post office as she is worried about the gangs of muggers. Arthur says they don't get muggings round here. Arthur has a plan to get rid of Nellie as her flat in Ilford is remaining empty while Nellie is staying with him and Pauline Fowler at their house. He phones them up and they say it does not matter as long as the rent is paid. Arthur says it should matter due to so much homelessness about. He wants to write a fake letter from the council telling Nellie that her flat must be occupied or she will lose it. Cindy Beale is on the warpath with Kathy Beale for sacking Ian Beale for doing catering on the quiet. Cindy accuses Kathy of being a bitch. Richard Cole has spent the night with Bianca Jackson and Ian Beale says he is so cheap.


Prev Ep Episode 940 (1st February 1994)

Next Ep Episode 942 (8th February 1994)

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