Easties 1 feb 1994
Frank Butcher is still the proud owner of a bridging loan and wants the sale of one of his flats to Phil Mitchell to go through. Sanjay Kapoor is worried that his wife Gita Kapoor and the baby daughter Sharmilla Kapoor has left him for good. Ricky Butcher is not happy that David Wicks seems to be getting his feet under the table at the car lot. Steve Elliot tries to sweet talk Grant Mitchell into giving him a job at The Queen Victoria while Sharon Mitchell is away in America. Steve says he will work all the hours Grant wants and will run the place. Grant agrees and also agrees to let him stay at the pub, a live in barman. Frank's sale goes through and he hands the keys over to Phil Mitchell who is now the owner of a flat. Frank plans a meal to celebrate being saved from financial ruin. Richard Cole is getting closer to Bianca Jackson. Kathy Beale sacks her son Ian Beale for catering on the quiet and cutting her out. Tricky Dicky Cole takes Bianca back to his flat.


Prev Ep Episode 939 (27th January 1994)

Next Ep Episode 941 (3rd February 1994)

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