Sanjay asks Michelle if Gita will ever forgive her but she is not sure.
Easties 27 jan 1994
Frank is not pleased that Pat has let David stay on a bit longer. Ian Beale falls for Phil's set up. An old friend, Sam turns up wanting a party for a 21st birthday for his daughter. Ian gives a list of prices. Phil offers to buy Ian a drink and offers Sam one. When Phil calls Sam by his name, Ian knows that they know each other and Phil says he set Ian up and knew he was doing catering deals on the quiet and cutting Kathy out. Ian leaves in a huff as usual. Phil, Grant and their friend Sam get chatting and Sam even says that in Ian's case everyone has to start somewhere. Grant reminds Sam of his one time fraud conviction.


Prev Ep Episode 938 (25th January 1994)

Next Ep Episode 940 (1st February 1994)

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