Mark Fowler has organised a traffic jam
Easties 4 jan 1994
in Bridge Street in protest over Big Ron losing his pitch on the market. Mandy Salter is still hiding away in the front room of No 45 Albert Square missing Aidan dreadfully. Arthur Fowler suggests she goes out to try and cheer herself up. Grant Mitchell suggests to Phil to lie about sleeping with his still legally married wife Nadia Mitchell. Phil heeds his advice. He does in fact lie to Kathy and she falls for it. He tells Grant and Grant is pleased. A stressed Frank Butcher is having money worries. Little does Tricky Dicky know is Mark has informed his boss Joe Saunders of the traffic jam. When he turns up he summonds Tricky Dicky to the cafe and threatens him with the sack if he does not have the trucks removed within an hour. Tricky acts on this and promises Big Ron that he will get his pitch back. Gita Kapoor comes back off her holiday with baby Sharmilla to find her husband Sanjay in bed with her sister Meena.


Prev Ep Episode 931 (30th December 1993)

Next Ep Episode 933 (6th January 1994)

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