Episode 8
Episode 8Pete pretends to phone a car seller, which is an excuse so Den can see Jan
BBC transmission date 14 March 1985
Executive Producer Julia Smith
Director Matthew Robinson
Writer Gerry Huxham
Credits See List
Previous episode Episode 07 (12 March 1985)
Next episode Episode 09 (19 March 1985)


Mary has a visit from her health worker, Jean Hancock, to see Annie, but Mary refuses to let her in. Dr Legg goes round to Ethel's to tell her he is looking for Lofty. Den asks Pete for his help to come up with a cover so he can see Jan. Mary still refuses to let the health visitor in and Sue and Ali try and get her to open the door, but Mary blames Sue for starting it after telling her about Reg Cox. Mary eventually opens the door and tells her health worker that she doesn't want to live where she is and that she has dreams about what happened and there is also blood, which can't be seen, but it's there. Later after Jean's visit, Jean asks Ali if he and Sue could keep an eye out an Mary and Mary starts to clean her flat. Tony introduces his son Kelvin to Den and Angie and Kelvin tells his dad that his mum found out about him spending Sunday with him and she never knew. In Bridge Street Café, Ian is playing on the machine and Kathy drags him away when she learns that it's not his first game and Ian can get addicted. Dr Legg speaks with Jean over her concerns about Mary and that Mary is concerned about what happened with Reg and Dr Legg wonders if Mary could get rehoused, but Jean feels she should come to terms with where she is living. Angie asks Tony to join her golden circle and he asks her too whilst Pete tells Den to leave him to come up with an excuse for him to see Jan. Ali invites Mary down to his and Sue's flat and he explains to Mary that she has to trust someone and if not Sue, then him and he tells her that Sue isn't all that bad. Ali reassures Mary that there is no blood as he was one of the people who found Reg and he was just sat in a chair. Dr Legg finally catches up with Lofty and tells him that everyone has a responsibility towards Ethel and to help protect her from those who might exploit her. Pauline tells Arthur that Pete was in a funny mood about him and his work before remembering the times when they were short of money and Pauline wonders if Pete could be jealous as he and Kathy only have one child and Arthur jokes that Kathy could be broody. In The Vic, Pete comes up with an excuse which will allow Den to see Jan by saying someone is selling a Bentley, which appeals to Angie and Den pretends he's not interested. Pete pretends to phone the seller and tells Den that he can see the car tomorrow at 8pm and Angie notices Den giving Pete a wink.