Episode 4
Episode 4Den leaves Angie upset as he won't agree to stop seeing his mistress
BBC transmission date 28 February 1985
Executive Producer Julia Smith
Director Matthew Robinson
Writer Bill Lyons
Credits See List
Previous episode Episode 03 (26 February 1985)
Next episode Episode 05 (5 March 1985)


Mark is bunking off school and Pete ropes him into helping on the stall. DS Rich continues his questioning of the residents, including Nick Cotton in Bridge Street Café on the punch up between him and Ali, to which Sue adds that Ali is off work because of his broken arm. Lou refuses to let Arthur wash up for her as she doesn't want people saying she can't look after herself and Kathy tells her the house wouldn't run without her. Lou tells Arthur and Kathy she will shop and cook for herself as well as eat in her own room and that the family are to respect her privacy. Meanwhile, Dr Legg catches up with Lofty regarding Ethel doing his laundry and Dr Legg says that she shouldn't take on too much nor should they take advantage of her. Tony goes to The Vic to ask Den if he can let Nick back in the pub and Den agrees, but only if he is with him. In the Launderette, Lou informs Pauline that Mark is bunking off. Arthur manages to get a temporary job with Tony. DS Rich later visits the Beale's to ask Mark what he knows about Reg Cox and where he was when Reg died. Later at the party, Sharon sneaks off down to the bar and flirts with Lofty and as she is about to kiss him, Angie interrupts and sends Sharon upstairs. Meanwhile, Kathy tells Den that Mr Chumley was never coming to the party and was just winding him up. Angie then takes Lofty upstairs to the living room and shares a dance with him before they kiss, which Den witnesses. Once the party is over, Den warns Lofty that he is not to try it on with Angie again before sending him home. He speaks to Angie, telling her that people look up to him and if she wants other men, then she is to do it in private and not in a public house or in front of Sharon. Angie then brings up Den's mistress and Den tells her that was finished years ago, but Angie says it was all lies as he makes stupid excuses to go off and see her on an evening and all the presents he buys, she sees them. Upstairs, Angie gets Den to promise that he will never see his girlfriend again, but Den simply walks away and leaves Angie upset.