Episode 2
Easties ep 2DI Marsh informs Reg Cox that he is in charge of Reg Cox's murder case
BBC transmission date 21 February 1985
Executive Producer Julia Smith
Director Matthew Robinson
Writer Jane Hollowood
Credits See List
Previous episode Episode 01 (19 February 1985)
Next episode Episode 03 (26 February 1985)


It's Den and Angie's wedding anniversary and Den makes a call to his mistress, Jan Hammond. In The Vic, Pauline and Arthur discuss the baby, asking if they'd prefer a boy or a girl and Pauline says she wouldn't want to know the sex of the baby. Pauline tells Kathy how Lou is having a go at Arthur as usual. At closing time, Arthur tells Pete and Kathy that he's going to be a father again and Lou isn't taking the news well. A drunken Angie throws herself at Arthur, who is also drunk and Kathy and Pete decide to take Arthur back to their house. The following day at the launderette, Pauline tells Arthur that Lou used the fact that he stayed over at Pete and Kathy's to her advantage and he has to make it up with Lou at some point and suggests getting her a box of chocolates. When Arthur gives Lou the chocolates, she tells Arthur that he and Pauline have 3 options-have an abortion, go ahead and have the baby before having it adopted or they can keep it, but not in her house and he, Pauline, Mark and Michelle can move out. Den tells Angie that he's located a brand of scotch, however, they have a visit from the area manager, Mr Chumley and Angie tells Ethel to keep an eye out for Den and warn him to keep the scotch in the car. Angie explains to Ethel how they are suppose to get scotch from the brewery, but at times, they fiddle things and Mr Chumley is from the brewery. Ethel is distracted by Arthur and his problems with Lou and Den enters The Vic with the scotch, but he comes up with the lie that the scotch is his and Angie's own supply for a private party and he invites Mr Chumley. DI Marsh visits Dr Legg at the surgery to ask him some questions on the murder of Reg Cox and Dr Legg is shocked that it's a murder enquiry.