Episode 1
Easties ep 1 still 7Arthur Fowler, Den Watts and Ali Osman find an unresponsive Reg Cox in his flat
BBC transmission date 19th February 1985
Viewers 17 million
Executive Producer Julia Smith
Director Matthew Robinson
Writer Gerry Huxham
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Previous episode None
Next episode Episode 02 (21 February 1985)


DenAli and Arthur break into Reg Cox's flat and find the old man unresponsive in his chair in his dingy flat. Arthur tries to wake Reg but he does not respond. Den rushes to the surgery and interrupts Dr Legg, who is talking to Pauline about tests before calling the ambulance. Lou, EthelSaeed and his wife Naima are stood nearby watching the ambulance crew take Reg out of his flat. Pauline is quizzed by her mother at the laundrette over why she went to the doctor's and Arthur and Pauline say they will have to tell Lou. In Bridge Street Café, Nick calls Ali a racist name whilst Lou is thrown out by Sue for coming in and making a comment about an Asian finding Reg. Sharon shows Michelle and Ian a charm she bought her mum, Angie. Pauline returns to see Dr Legg with Arthur and Dr Legg says they have to tell Lou about Pauline's pregnancy as Lou is bound to notice soon enough. In the cafe when Kathy discusses Reg with Ali, Sue has a go at Kathy, saying that she and Ali weren't neighbours with Reg anymore than Kathy and Pete. Sue also points out to Kathy that she doesn't live on the square and she can tell Lou that she and Ali aren't going to take the blame. Arthur and Pauline tell Lou about Pauline's pregnancy and Lou is livid and she demands to know where the money will come from to feed the extra mouth as Arthur is out of work. Lou informs Michelle and Mark that they are going to have a younger brother or sister, but Michelle had worked it out for herself and Lou storms off into the kitchen, believing it is irresponsible to have a baby at their age. Pauline defends her and Arthur by telling Lou that they are glad as they want the baby. Dr Legg receives a phone call from the hospital saying that Reg has died. In The Vic, there is a punch-up between Nick and Ali after Ali retaliates to Nick using racism against him. Den and Pete intervene to break them up and Den bars them and in retaliation, Nick puts his first through one of the door windows.


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  • The episode was broadcast at 7:00 pm 
  • It was broadcasted on BBC One.
  • Viewing Figures: 17.35 Million. 


  • This episode has been repeated a number of times such as The 25th Anniversary and The 30th Anniversary 
  • The last broadcast was on the 16th February 2015.

Notable Dialogue 

Den - Ow, stinks in ere dunnit

Ali - Reg

Den - Well he ain't gonna answer now if he didn't answer before is he........ ow careful Arthur

Arthur - Reg

Ali - He's dead

Den - Dead drunk