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Eastenders Wiki started was created 16th March 2006, since then the members of the community of Wikia and Administrators of this Wiki have been contributing regularly to help make Eastenders Wiki become a great source of information for Eastenders Fans. Since 2006 a lot of effort has been put into creating articles for all the current main characters and past characters. As well as adding countless photographs and videos to illustrate articles.

Eastenders Wiki gives more flexibility with what you can add, Eastenders on Wikipedia is more strict on trivial information but we at Eastenders Wiki believe as adding as much information on a character, business, episode is just as important as anything else.

Although a lot has been done to ensure we have a near complete history of Eastenders available, we still need help from contributors such as yourselves and who knows maybe if you have the right talents you could become an Administrator for this site if you demonstrate your skills and enthusiasm.

EastEnders wiki

EastEnders Wiki 10th Anniversary Video (16 March 2016)

EastEnders Wikia 10th Anniversary

EastEnders Wikia 10th Anniversary

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