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BBC transmission date 00 month 2010
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Executive Producer John Yorke
Bryan Kirkwood
Director Michael Keillor
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At 10a Turpin Road Asher is embaressed when a girl leaves, claiming he pushed her out of the small bed. Asher confronts Stevie and claims he wants to take her bedroom, the bigger one. Olly turns up to collect a few things, his new flat not furnished, taking her bed with him. Asher makes a deal with Stevie that the first to find a new bed will get the room. Asher heads out to the market, hitting up the stall owners for a job, including Winston.

Naz arrives, appologising for the mix up with the curry delivery, and for vanishing off, and Stevie begins to threat about not having a job, boyfriend or bed and Naz offers to help him out. Naz takes Stevie and Sol out to the market, where they find Masood at his stall. Stevie returns his coat to him, chatting to him for a moment, trying to act sexy as she talks to him, but chocking on the curry, running back to Naz embaressed by her actions, and the two of them and Sol head back to the flat. Naz uses Sol as a guinea pig to demonstrate the art of seduction, but Sol has to run off to rehearsals, her seduction working too well.

Ash spots a delivery van, stealing some trainers to sell on.

Stevie returns to Masala Masood, asking Masood if he had any work going on the stall and he tells her to come back tomorrow and she can have a job. Stevie leaves him to tell Naz about her progress before going back to the stall once more, still trying to flirt with him, but Masood starts to seem disinterested, Stevie flashing him in a vain hope of winning him over, but Naz pulls her away.

Sol and Asher return to the community center to practice but Asher ducks out, selling his stolen trainers and getting a bed with the proceeds. Sol continues to practice alone, Naz coming along to watch the two of them about to kiss when Naz gets a call from Stevie, claiming she hasn't found a bed.

Stevie gets home to find that Asher has bought the bed Olly took from the flat, Stevie assuming that Asher has bought it back for her. Sol's phone rings and Naz takes it to him, finding him half naked in the bathroom. Once more the pair are about to kiss when Ekin comes to the door, introducing himself as her fiancee.