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BBC transmission date 00 month 2010
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Executive Producer John Yorke
Bryan Kirkwood
Director Michael Keillor
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At 10a Turpin Road, Stevie gives the other three a fashion show, Naz turning down all of her strange and bizarre outsits, until finally finding one she likes. Olly arrives at the flat, asking Stevie for the rent and Stevie tries to arrange to meet up tonight, but Olly tells her not to come, and that he'll see her tomorrow for the rent. Stevie worries about the money, and Asher hands her £250. His share of half, telling Sol that he needs to pay the other £250. Naz then tells her to take Asher to the party tonight, to make Olly jealous. Ash refuses at first, but Naz convinces him.

The four of them climb on the tube, spotting Masood sitting there with a backpack, Naz winding Stevie up and claiming that he looks like a suicide bomber. Stevie claims she wants to talk to him to stop him from bombing the tube. Stevie goes over to talk to him, but Naz pulls her away.

When they arrive at the party, Asher and Stevie dance together trying to make Olly jealous, but Asher spots Araminta, moving over to chat her up and dance with her instead. Lots of people come up to Sol asking him to buy drugs, and he starts to get annoyed. Naz comes up with a plan, heading into the kitchen and setting up tea leaves to sell as drugs, making plenty of money.

Pippa starts chatting up Stevie asking her about Asher and their relationship. Stevie goes over the top about her relationship with Asher, and then Pippe introduces her new boyfriend. Olly. Stevie and Pippa argue about when Pippa and Olly's relationship started, Pippa knocking Stevie over.

Asher and Araminta slip into the bedroom together, but are walked in on by Araminta. Asher and Araminta's boyfriend's fight spills out into the lounge where they find Stevie on the floor and Asher, Sol and Naz drag her out.

As they get back to Walford East they run into Masood again who see's Stevie soaking wet and drunk from her fight with Pippa. Masood gives Stevie his coat and Stevie calls him her hero. Outside the tube station Naz spots a strange cabby, quickly kissing Sol to keep herself from being seen by him.


  • Masood Ahmed
  • Araminta - First Appearance
  • Ekin Beg - First Appearance
  • Stevie Dickerson
  • Asher Levi
  • Sol Levi
  • Olly Manthrope-Hall
  • Naz Mehmet
  • Pippa - First Appearance