Derek Harkinson
Derek Harkinson
Portrayed by Ian Lavender
Introduced by John Yorke (2001)
Sean O'Connor (2016)
Gender Male Male
First Appearance 29 November 2001
Last Appearance 27 July 2017
Duration 2001-2005, 2016-2017, 2017
Classification regular
WifeCynthia Harkinson
SonsAlex Harkinson
DaughtersMary Harkinson
GrandsonsDanny Harkinson
Derek Harkinson made his first appearance 29 November 2001. He is portrayed by Ian Lavender. Harkinson returned 15 November 2016.


When Derek was 22 and he had just left the army and began teacher training and he was living in a flat in Deptford with Pip his 20 year old partner at the time. One day they had a break-in, Pip called the police as he thought they would help. When the police arrived they took statements then arrest Derek for gross indecency, as the homosexual age of consent was 21 at that time. Derek was sentenced to nine months and by the time he got out, Pip had married and would not acknowledge Derek when passing on the street.


Derek was introduced as a old school friend of Pauline Fowler. Since reuniting with Pauline, Derek started working at the Walford Community Centre and moved in with the Fowler family as their lodger. There he became a father figure to Martin and taught him to drive. Pauline started to develop feelings for Derek and when she made a move at Derek he declined revealing to Pauline he is gay but this did not fracture there friendship and he stayed in Walford.

For four years until the character was axed in a culling in 2005. Derek's exit story-line came after multiple arguments with Pauline over living arrangements. Derek decided he needed a break from the Fowler household so he left to be with his family, Alex and Mary his children.



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