DS Holt
Portrayed by Shaun Prendergast
Introduced by Dominic Treadwell-Collins (2014)
Gender Male Male
First Appearance 25th April 2014
Last Appearance 22nd May 2014
Duration 2014
Status Alive
Occupation Detective Sergeant
Classification Former; recurring
Detective Sergeant Holt made his first appearance on 25 April 2014, and is investigating the death of Lucy Beale. He is portrayed by Shaun Prendergast.

DS Holt is a police officer investigating the murder of Lucy Beale. He questions Lauren Branning along with DC Emma Summerhayes about Lucy's last known movements, the night she was killed.

He later informs the Beales that her former lover Danny Pennant has an alibi for the night of her death. He is later approached by Lauren about an anonymous email Lucy responded to the night she died, but Holt tells her they are already investigating the matter. The week after, Holt arrests Jake Stone on suspicion of murder and questions him along with DC Summerhayes. Holt later speaks to Max Branning after it is revealed that he was having a secret relationship with Lucy. Holt tells Max that he is not a suspect in the investigation.