Episode (Special)
EastEnders CivvyStreet'
BBC transmission date 26 December 1988
Viewers 7 million
Created By Julia Smith and Tony Holland
Executive Producer Tony Holland & Julia Smith
Director Julia Smith
Writer Tony Holland
Credits See List
Previous episode Episode 405 (22nd December 1988)
Next episode Episode 406 (27 December 1988)
CivvyStreet was a one off special that aired on 26 December 1988. It featured Characters from EastEnders played by young actors and also introduced new Characters. The setting was in wartime London 1942. on the same set as EastEnders.

The episode was written and directed by the creators of EastEnders, Tony Holland and Julia Smith. It looked back at the early life of the residents of Albert Square and featured a young Lou Beale, Ethel Skinner and Reg Cox, who was a minor character found dead in the first ever episode of EastEnders in 1985.

Holland was most upset to discover that Dot Cotton had been too young during the war to be featured as a useful character (she would have been six years old in 1942) and also complained that the major events of the war occurred in the wrong order for effective drama.

This was the only appearance of Albert Beale and William, as both had died by the time EastEnders began in 1985.


Lou and Albert Beale were celebrating their marriage in Walford, and planning their happy life together when war was declared. Albert was conscripted into the army, leaving Lou and her three children, Kenny, Harry and Ronnie, behind (Pauline Fowler and Pete Beale were not yet born). Lou's family rallied around including her mother, sister Flo Medeemey and she also had a gang of friends including young Ethel, dodgy Reg and pub landlords Ray and Lil to keep her company. Lou worried that Albert would not return from war intact, and the episode saw her propositioned by another man in his absence, but she managed to stay faithful and she and Albert were reunited.

Ethel's parents were killed by an enemy bomb while she was sheltering with Lou in Walford East Tube Station. Ethel was also torn between the amorous advances of a GI and her admirer William Skinner.



Character Name: Actor/Actress Name:
Albert Beale Gary Olsen
Lou Beale Karen Meagher
Mrs Medeemey Avis Bunnage
Flo Medeemey Linda Robson
Harry Beale Aaron Mason
Ronnie Beale Chase Marks
Ethel Skinner Alison Bettles
William Skinner Ian Brimble
Richard Otto Jarman
Marty Julian Hill
Reg Cox Marc Tufano
Ray Sewell Robert Putt
Lil Sewell Frances Cuka


Job Title: Name:
Writer Tony Holland
Production Manager Nigel Taylor
Production Associate Mike Hudson
Location Manager Sam Breckman
Production Assistant Sarah Ward
Assistant Floor Manager Adam Browne
Assistant Floor Manager Matthew Purves
Properties Buyer Theresa Stevens
Lighting Director Fred Wright
Technical Co-ordinator Michael Jarrett
Sound Supervisor John Howell
Camera Supervisor Roger Goss
Videotape Editor Denis Wyatt
Vision Mixer Graham Giles
Costume Designer Judy Allen
Make-up Designer Juliette Mayer
Theme Music Simon May
Graphic Designer Alan Jeapes
Designer Keith Harris
Designer John Stout
Produced and Directed By Julia Smith


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Christmas on BBC1 1988 EastEnders Civvy Street00:48

Christmas on BBC1 1988 EastEnders Civvy Street


In the Bomb Shelter - EastEnders - Civvy Street - BBC02:39

In the Bomb Shelter - EastEnders - Civvy Street - BBC

Telegram - Bad News From the Front - EastEnders - Civvy Street - BBC02:34

Telegram - Bad News From the Front - EastEnders - Civvy Street - BBC

The Beale's War Time Wedding Day - EastEnders - Civvy Street - BBC03:11

The Beale's War Time Wedding Day - EastEnders - Civvy Street - BBC

Christmas Dinner - EastEnders - Civvy Street - BBC02:10

Christmas Dinner - EastEnders - Civvy Street - BBC

Merry Christmas Albert - EastEnders - Civvy Street - BBC02:35

Merry Christmas Albert - EastEnders - Civvy Street - BBC


  • A screening of CivvyStreet was shown in the United States 19 October 2005 at WLIW's NYC studios. This was the first time this had been shown in the USA.

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