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Cindy Williams
Cindy Williams (previously Beale) is the mother of Lucy and Peter Beale. She was the first wife of Ian Beale. She died on 5th November 1998 in prison.


Cindy came into the soap in 1987. She met Ian and they then married in 1988. Cindy then had an affair with Simon Wicks and is then pregnant. Cindy then lies to Ian and says that the baby is his. Cindy then give birth to Steven and then on Christmas Day 1989, she reveals to Ian that Steven is Simon's baby. Ian then forgives her and Cindy and Ian then have twins called Lucy and Peter. Everything went well until Cindy then had an affair with Simon's brother David Wicks. Ian then left her so Cindy then hires a hitman to kill Ian. The hitman gravely injures Ian but he survives. Cindy is then found out and arrested. She then has a relationship with her cellmate called Nick and then becomes pregnant. She then died off-screen when she gave birth to the baby.                                                                          


Michelle Collins, the actress who plays Cindy now plays bartender Stella Price in Coronation Street.

Cindy was described as the soap's first major villainess.

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